It’s Meatless Monday-Rosemary Scented Split Pea Soup (excerpt taken from Adventures in Budget Smart Eating)

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been putting the final touches to my cookbook (Adventures in Budget Smart Eating) which means tweaking recipes and that’s what I spent most of last week doing. One chapter is devoted just to soups and I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of the book by sharing one with you.

Most split pea soups use ham or bacon for flavoring but for this one I relied on herbs and spices. I also used yellow instead of green split peas. Another tweak…the slow cooker was used so you won’t need to babysit this one (split peas tend to continually stick to the bottom of the saucepan as they cook).

Pair this one with a sandwich and it’s a hearty fall and/or winter meal.

1 cup yellow split peas

1 onion, chopped

2 carrots, sliced

1 teaspoon rosemary

½ teaspoon paprika

Good pinch of both celery salt and seed

4 cups vegetable stock

Good pinch of both salt and pepper

Rinse the split peas and then add to the slow cooker

Add the carrots and onion.

Crush together the rosemary, paprika, celery salt and seed; plus the salt and pepper until they’re in powder form.

Add to the slow cooker.

Slowly add the stock and stir everything together.

Cook for 6 hours on low or 3 on high.

Taste-test the soup and add more salt and pepper if needed.

This soup tastes great the day you make it, but even better the following one. If it gets too thick from sitting in the fridge thin it down with some stock or even water.

This also freezes well too.

Serves 4


Copyrighted excerpt from Adventures in Budget Smart Eating

Friday Round-Up-Almost Halloween

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Another busy week so once again another quick Friday round-up.

I can’t believe we’re edging toward the end of October. The holidays are just around the corner and I’ll be putting together my annual Budget Smart Girl Gift Guide. So, as always, if you know of anything that would make a great budget smart gift, leave a comment or e-mail me. It could be an item someone makes on a site like Etsy or something you’ve purchased that you think is great value.

Halloween on Friday which means next weekend lots of items will be on sale. Stock up for next year and buy discounted candy to use in holiday baking.

Lots of things on sale in the produce department this week, apples, (get them while they’re still around) squash, kale and baking potatoes which make a quick and low cost meal.

Found this one the Web if anyone’s thinking about buying a space heater this winter-


Happy savings and have a good weekend.


It’s Meatless Monday-Fiesta Eggs

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This one could be a breakfast, lunch or a quick, light supper. Pantry staple items, ten minutes of your time and you have a meal. Serve this with hash browns or cubed pan-roasted potatoes, more salsa and some sour cream.

1 15 ounce can chili beans, drain slightly

4 pieces of bread, toasted

1/3 cup salsa

1/3 cup shredded cheese

4 eggs


Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.

Spray four ramekin dishes with non-stick cooking spray and place on a baking sheet.

Break up pieces of toasted bread and place at the bottom of each ramekin dish.

Spoon the chili beans on the toast.

Break on top of the beans.

Spoon a couple of tablespoons of salsa on each egg.

Sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of cheese on top. (Reserve some for later)

Bake in the oven for about ten minutes or until the eggs are set.

Remove and sprinkle on the remaining cheese.

Serve immediately.

Serves 4.



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